Democracy in Action


If you are collecting petitions, then PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT INFORMATION.


Effective immediately, you MUST USE NEW PETITION FORMS, the links to which you will find below.     There are new forms provided by the Dept. of Elections, but the formatting was not always so good for printing, so we offer the links to our copies below.


IF YOU HAVE OLD, COMPLETED forms, please get them in A.S.A.P. :  see item 3 below. Recycle any old, unused petitions.  


Here are the changes you need to be aware of.  Each petition initiative has its own changed forms.


1. The petition form for signatures is now a single-sided form.   As unpaid volunteers, we MUST use the form entitled “Constitutional Amendment Initiative Petition Form - VOLUNTEER” .   There is a different form for paid collectors and we SHOULD NOT use them.

2. There is now a separate document containing the full text of the petition.  You should carry this as a reference in case someone wants to see it. We DO NOT need copies to hand out.

3. The new law stipulates a 30-day deadline (from signing date on petition) to have it turned into the appropriate Supervisor of Elections.  Although it is not known to apply to volunteer collectors with 100% certainty, and it is not clear that all Supervisors of Elections will enforce this the same way (we live in Florida, after all), THE ONLY SAFE THING TO DO IS TO RETURN SIGNED PETITIONS, ON A WEEKLY BASIS, to :


    1845 Lancashire Dr.

There will always be a collection box at the front door (except during hurricanes).


  • THANK YOU in advance for your dedication!   Together, we can do this!