• Indivisible/Kathryn

CHANGING THE CONVERSATION: Democrats don't want borders, they want humanity.

Republicans, especially Sarasota County Republicans-- would like you to believe that all Democrats want to open up the border to an unlimited influx of immigrants, especially from the Latin American and Muslim countries.


What we are in favor of is an end to the hate-rhetoric and the lies propagated by Trump. Trump will tell you he is a "Nationalist". It is true that this word has largely fallen out of favor since the days prior and following World War II when it was associated with fascism, dictatorships and the egregious treatment of Jews, the Romany and others in those societies. But, there's nothing wrong with nationalism--as long as you mean CIVIC NATIONALISM.

Civic Nationalism adheres to an inclusive form of nationalism that adheres to the "liberal" values of FREEDOM, TOLERANCE, EQUALITY AND INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. It is a nationalism that embodies the American creed of political equality and economic opportunity for all, regardless of race.


What Trump and his supporters are espousing is a "RIGHT WING POPULIST NATIONALISM" that mandates scape-goating and is tied into a Corporate America that exploits cheap labor abroad and turns us against our Asian neighbors, in addition to our friends at the southern border. Theirs is a xenophobic based nationalism that fosters fear-mongering of anyone not considered a "real American, i.e.: white, protestant-- perhaps catholic and mostly male, iconic image of America.

Do Democrats want to admit more immigrants and refuges than Trump? Sure. But that's just on a comparative basis. And the contrasting element is this:

Trump and his supporters want to admit almost "NO ONE". We have a president and his base who continue to invent reasons for cutting immigration - including portraying immigrants as criminals and terrorists, players in a globalist plot to take control and power from the white man and deposit it into the hands of non-whites, non-males, and non-christians. They fear. And the response to that fear is to promote and capitalize on that fear at every opportunity.

This idea is juxtaposed on the Democratic ideal illustrated by President Barrack Obama who encouraged us to "REMAKE AMERICA TO MORE CLOSELY ALIGN TO OUR HIGHEST IDEALS"-- An America that views undocumented immigrants as hard-working "AMERICANS IN WAITING".

Republicans will tell you that Democrats want to open the borders to a never-ending influx of immigrants. Democrats do not want open borders. We do not want an influx of people who will add to a system already overburdened with poor and lower classes struggling to make ends meet with minimum wage jobs and government hand-outs. (People, by the way, that Trump's policies continue to marginalize-- but that's another conversation). That's just plain idiotic and more of the hate and fear inspired misinformation promoted by Trump and his minions.

What we do want and demand is an investment--more money for workers displaced by the globalized economy and a humane response to the people who are fleeing desperate and horrific conditions in their countries of origin.

We want real solutions that address the root causes of surges in migration while simultaneously realizing that serious threats at the borders need to be addressed with real solutions -- NOT BY PUTTING PEOPLE IN CAGES and demonizing them.